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What steps do I take to make an offer on a property?
The agent forwarded me the attached inspection reports. The WDO (wood destroying organisms) and roof reports are less than positive, so I would think we can use them as support for cancelling if necessary.
I was talking to someone who writes letters from deaths listed in his local Legal Review as their lead source.
What do you think of writing letters before probate is filed?
When I saw you in the office, you mentioned “Estate Maintenance Services.” Is that something to include in probate letter as a benefit?
Skip probate mailing for property with decedent and personal rep having same address?
Is it good to call after sending first letter? How long should I wait to call?
Should I avoid offering on probates that would involve a short sale?
Which is better for return address on envelope?
How does the GAP work on a double closing?
I was negotiating a short sale for a client and the bank suddenly foreclosed. We even have a short sale approval letter. Can we have the foreclosure reversed? Can you recommend an attorney that can assist?
Is there a certain day of the week that is best to mail probate letters?
What would I need to do regarding permit, lien, and code violation questions?
Why can't we work in Port Saint Lucie (a specific area)? And if we can't, can we work in other areas up this way?
I have to cancel a contract on a “teardown” property I contracted. Is there a form I need to send to the realtor? What do I need to do to cancel the contract?
Do I put an agent I am using as a buyer's agent on the contract as a sales associate and her broker also?
Can I just make an offer based on a percentage of the list price or on the median value of closed comparable sales?
Which prices should I focus on the most – Closed Comparables, Active Listings or the Listing Price of the Property?
Why is the Median Price better than an average price?
Do you know how long it takes with bandit signs to get responses from potential sellers?
Does a buyer have to comply with Lead Based Paint Disclosures (LBPD)?
How to I extend the closing date if the seller won't allow it?
What are the differences in the number of days for inspections on REOs, Individual Sellers and Short Sales?
Are the Purchase and Sales Contracts the same old, same old contracts?
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FOR SALE $45,000
Florida, Miami
Beds: 3, Baths: 1
FOR RENT $1,000
Florida, Hallandale Beach
Beds: 3, Baths: 1
FOR SALE $129,900
Florida, Port Saint Lucie
Beds: 3, Baths: 2
FOR SALE $90,000
Florida, Miami
Beds: 5, Baths: 2
FOR SALE $1,400,000
Florida, Florida City
Beds: 64, Baths: 50
FOR SALE $39,900
Florida, Tampa
Beds: 3, Baths: 2
FOR SALE $115,000
Florida, Deerfield Beach
Beds: 7, Baths: 3
FOR SALE $450,000
Florida, Pompano Beach
Beds: 4, Baths: 4